The Internet: Essential record-keeping.
Humulus. Best tumblr on tumblr.
Questionable Advice. An historical perspective on lying and foolishness.
Sacred Texts Archive. Essential record-keeping.
Speed Demos Archive. Essential record-keeping.
The Stranger. Seattle's paper of record.
YourSky. A virtual telescope.

My Friends:

Fringe Music. Paulie and Sarah's web zine/record label/whatever they feel like company.
MushroomhatGuy. Richard's Soundcloud.
Olympia Brewers. Best baseball team in Olympia!
Sculptures by nEVEr-mor. These are my girlfriend Charity's (generally adorable) sculptures.
Will McWill. Will's Soundcloud.


Dave Cooper. Made one of my favorite comics ever (Weasel) and has a thing for painting fat ladies.
R.S. Connett. Bizarre painter, shrewd domain name registerer.
Mike Del Mundo. One of my favorite comic illustrators. I subscribe to his series on the strength of his art alone.
Jake Wyatt. Comic illustrator; he mainly gets my love for his Necropolis story.

Active Musicians:

Bishop Nehru. Young rapper from the east coast.
Black Dice. Heavy metal band turned experimental noise group?
C Average. Olympia elf-metal duo.
Cause For Effect. Bass and drums heavy metal duo.
Clear Soul Forces. Detroit hip hop.
Fishtank Ensemble. On hiatus right now, but they're talented player-for-player like few others.
Flying Lotus. Trip hop weirdness from Adult Swim's longtime bumper music guy.
Four Tet. Electronic music from the UK.
Industrial Revelation. Jazz from Seattle. One of the best rhythm sections you'll ever see.
MF DOOM. All caps!
staHHr. Two h's for hip-hop!
Thollem McDonas. Avant-garde pianist.

Software I use (I run WAMP):

Apache HTTP Server. I've been making web pages from scratch forever, and I've been using the Apache server for local development forever. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Comical. A nice comic book reader for all your .cbr-related needs.
Filezilla. Nice, light-weight FTP client.
Foobar2000 This is a freeware audio player that I use because it can play my entire music collection on shuffle without crashing (a borderline miracle).
mIRC. Reminds me of the 90's.
Mozilla Firefox. My internet browser of choice, though this whole Kickass Torrents-blocking business has me questioning that choice.
MySQL. All my databases live here.
Open Office. A free, open source alternative to Microsoft Office, which I cannot understand why anyone would ever pay for.
PeaZip. Free archive (.zip, .rar, etc.) extractor.
PHP. My scripting language of choice for interwebs-related jobs.
Soulseek. An excellent, music-oriented peer-to-peer filesharing program that has recently been shit on by PayPal. Fuck you, PayPal!


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