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August 1, 2019
Cucumber got stung by a bee. (He was fine).

June 11, 2019
Been a while since I wrote here. I intend to re-design this page and set up a proper blog database/entry form for myself to use, but um, I haven't done that. So I guess I'll keep writing in Notepad. It's not so bad here, it reminds me of the 90's.

In general life developments, I switched to a four-day schedule at work and it's been great for my sanity. I got a dollar raise shortly afterwards, and the shift I gave up was garbage as far as tips go, so it really hasn't cost me any money either.

I itemized my deductions on my 1040 for the first time this year, and it was interesting. It saved me about $150. I've been saving receipts since April to see how much sales tax I can rack up before next year, to see if it exceeds the estimate the IRS website's calculator spits out, which is what I used this year.

Cucumber's grown into an adorable gangly teenage hunter cat. Sidney has been his guide tank in the outdoor world, and Ri has been tolerating him more since he's starting going outside. He is perfect in every way, except that he needs to leave his fucking shrews outside.

Minecraft released another update (1.14) and Charity and I decided to start a new world. We're not looking at maps this time, which has made exploring the world a lot more interesting. Our seed spawns you on an island completely encircled by icebergs

Charity's dad moved into our studio apartment in April, though his stay is almost over now. His lease was up, and his landlord wanted to raise his rent to a ridiculous level. He was only a couple months from retirement, after which he's moving to Virginia, so he said to hell with that and asked to move in with us, which we obliged. He's pretty handy and he has a pickup truck, so he's been a lot of help in our never-ending quest to improve our house.

I've spent the last couple months setting up the garden at my house. It's been a shitload of work, but it's coming along. We've built five raised beds in the front yard, four of which are currently planted with lettuce, cilantro, potatoes, tomatoes, basil, tulsi, peppers, ground cherries, and nasturtiums. I sowed an insectary mix in the fifth. I also built a raised bed out of bricks and transplanted all the strawberries I bought last year into it. We cardboarded and wood chipped all the paths between the beds, as well as the closest two honey berries (after which we ran out of wood chips).

There's still a lot left to do. I'm going to turn over a roughly 12'-by-10' area of grass in the front yard and establish a row each of raspberries and loganberries. I'm going to re-form the flower bed around the maple and establish an herb garden in part of it. And then there's the six beds we plan to build in the backyard. We have the lumber, but there's a lot of cardboard that still needs to go down before we get building. Then next year, we're going to turn our attention to establishing grapes, kiwi vines, and potentially espalier apples and pears and a couple free-standing fruit trees. And I'm sure we'll have more ideas by then.

May 1, 2019

February 18, 2019
Charity and I took February 13-21 off, and we're just getting into the second half of our staycation. We earned this thing with a week of hell immediately beforehand. Let's recount our horror. On Monday, as I wrote below, we put down my favorite rat. Apparently I grieve through self-injury, because I decided to slip and fall in the shower that evening and smash my rib cage into the side of tub. Two weeks later it's still messed up - I may have cracked a rib or two. Tuesday, Charity came home sick after a couple hours at work. I spent my days off on Wednesday and Thursday playing nurse, and then on Friday I woke up completely unable to speak, I'd gotten such a bad cough. For some idiotic reason I decided to try and plough through my shift that day, which I succeeded at doing. I also succeeded at developing a fever and serious fatigue. Towards the end of my shift it started snowing, and this turned out to be the beginning of the biggest snowstorm Olympia's seeen since the mid-90's. Our power went out, I missed a day of work, and then I spent a few days walking to work in the knee-high snow, cooking for people despite not being even 75% well, and then walking back to our dark, cold home. Our only heat was from the gas fireplace. Luckily our hot water heater stayed on.

I've been pouring hours into Octopath Traveler and just yesterday she finished Arthur's storyline in Red Dead Redemption 2. It's really been a lazy bunch of days, and I'm extremely okay with that.

Unlocked my last fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate two weeks ago, before I got the plague. January 17th-February 6th, it took me just under three weeks.

Here's some Zelda porn!

February 4, 2019
Today we'll put down my most beloved rat, Caterpillar. I let her lick all the milk foam off my finger she wanted and gave her an avocado chunk this morning, and now she's in one of her domes cuddling with her sister Spoon. Last night I gave her a tiny little peanut butter and jelly sandwich and petted her tiny head, and she made some chitters. She wants the pets, but she's having trouble breathing and can't get comfortable. I'm bummed, but she's not doing well and it's time. RIP little one.

January 22, 2019
I'm sitting at home staring out the window on a rainy day, waiting for the hour when I have to leave for the diner. Charity's at work already. The cats are all sleeping. Plants I plan on killing are swaying in the breeze outside (along with plants I have nicer plans for). I've got my coffee and my marijuana. It's an oddly peaceful moment.

January 17, 2019
I've gotten real behind on my podcast listening, but I moseyed on over to my favorite historical podcast and found that Backstory had done an episode back in December on the role of history in video games. They cover Oregon Trail and Red Dead Redemption 2, so you know I was all over this one. Listen to it on their site or just press play down below.

Also, if American history interests you even a little, you need to go through their archives. All the contributors are history professors and they've been at this for years.

December 18, 2018
I live with this jerk now. He was born at Charity's clinic on October 1st and we brought him home on her birthday, November 26th. His name is Gremlin Cucumber Bottom, or something like that. Sidney likes to lie in the middle of the floor and watch the kitten bounce off the walls, gently swatting him into submission when necessary. Ri just hates his guts and hisses or growls every time she sees him.

November 28, 2018
I posted this video on my tumblr a few weeks ago, but it needs to be here too. I have four non-working NES consoles in my possession, and watching this has made it my mission to cobble together at least one working machine from that collection of not-nearly-this-battered parts.

October 31, 2018
This year's pumpkins! I carved two more at a Halloween party at Charity's workplace, but sadly they rotted before I could bring them home.

No trick or treaters this year, but I will not be deterred!

October 2, 2018
It's been a while since I posted, so I guess I'll write a bit about my recent non-diner life.

Charity and I were walking through Mission Creek park on our now-ritual Thursday trip to San Francisco St. Bakery when we noticed these signs posted in various spots, explaining why there were black plastic trash bags covering stumps in numerous areas around the park. Read this very carefully:

That's right, "dish soup." Just consider that phrase for a while.

Later that day I plucked one of my final tomato harvests for the year, and got a decent crop. The big orange slicers are Azoychkas, the striped red slicers are Pink Tiedyes, the dark red cherries are Black Cherry, and the bright red cherries are Wheatleys. Those two slicer varieties have been some of the most successful I've ever grown, and they're both delicious. This bowl became an excellent pizza sauce. There have been a couple more harvests since then, but tomato season is just about over now.

In a moment of nostalgic internet browsing I stumbled on K Records' CD grab bag sale where they send you 25+ random CDs from their back catalog for $20. I miss the 90's-00's when Olympia actually had a music scene, and K Records was a big part of it, so I couldn't resist. It showed up along with some extra pins and a nice note. Of the discs they sent me, I only already owned one, even though I saw seven of these bands live around town back in the day.

Finally, we got a dining room table! This photo shows the aftermath of last night's Catan game - which was unfortunately won by Swinkey, to the dismay of all - and some of Charity's in-progress Halloween rats.

September 19, 2018
Last week I got three WheresGeorge bills in one day in my tips at the diner. That's like finding a four-leaf clover. Then, the next day when I was sorting my $1's, I found two more. Today, I'm entering them. Here's where they've been:
  1. Spanaway, WA (May 28, 2018) -> Me
  2. Roy, WA (August 11, 2018) -> Me
  3. Roy, WA (August 11, 2018) -> Me (Twinsies!)
  4. Phoenix, AZ (July 21, 2018) -> Me
  5. Pasco, WA (March 20, 2018) -> Me
Huh, all first-time hits on bills released this year. That's kind of disappointing.

September 12, 2018
Stayed home sick yesterday. My brain was too hazy to focus on much of anything, so I found myself searching the internet for new music. Every few months I'll ask Google, "has DOOM done anything recently?" and for once the answer was yes! Six full months ago he dropped a collaboration LP with Czarface, a group made up of Wu-Tang's Inspectah Deck, 7L, and Esoteric. Apparently I'm way out of the loop. It's no Mm... Food but I think it features some of the best DOOM verses since Key to the Kuffs six years ago. Excite!

September 4, 2018
Well I've only had one day off since the 24th, and it was last Thursday. I tried to cram all the fun and nice things into those 24 hours in order to prevent my mind from losing.

Charity and I went to the San Francisco St. Bakery, which is just a short walk through Mission Creek park from our house, and played some rummy over brunch in the morning. She edged me out for the victory, 415 to 405, damn!

On our way home I decided we should take a detour and explore some of the trails in the park, which I somehow had not done since we moved into the neighborhood in January. That park is a hell of a lot bigger than I realized! 37 acres of forest and marshes, some nicely maintained trails, some side trails kept up only by wandering feet, and some spaces with no trails at all. After years of living in an apartment surrounding by concrete and the freeway, it's nice to know I have some natural space so close by again.

When I came home I decided, after probably a week of preparation, that it was time to kill the Ender Dragon. Wearing a pumpkin; carrying potions of strength, speed, regeneration, and slowfalling; switching to an Infinity bow and diamond armor with the bare minimum enchants (Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Feather Falling IV); and having two sets of backups in a chest next to the end portal, I set out.

I way over-prepared. The dragon was a jerk, but I never lost more than half my hearts even though I kept forgetting to drink my regeneration potions. While scaling some of the taller obsidian pillars I was knocked off the island a few times, but since I drank potions of slow falling before beginning my climb, I had all the time in the world to select the ender pearls on my hotbar and teleport myself back as I slowly floated over the void. Once the crystals were destroyed, my best sword (the only piece of my go-to set of equipment that I brought along) made quick work of old Jean.

I was very disappointed that the Dragon Drops Elytra part of Xisumavoid's Vanilla Tweaks data pack did not work! In fact, nearly a week later, Charity and I have explored seven or eight end cities together, and she's got the only elytra between us! (It was my own fault for not re-installing the data pack when they released an update. Oh well, maybe I'll have to re-spawn that dragon...)

I thought I did a pretty good job of having a day off. After that, I cooked around $17,000 worth of food over four days at the diner on Labor Day weekend. Today's my Friday, and I expect it to be much slower. Did I succeed in keeping from losing my mind? Well I'm typing this, aren't I?

August 28, 2018
Spent about 40 minutes writing the PHP for this thing right here while drinking my coffee this morning. It probably won't mean anything to anyone out there, but it's caused Charity to squeal with glee. That is all!

Update: that is not all! Ages ago I named a nitwit Dinnerbone and set him free in my world. I last saw him a few months ago at the bedrock layer of my spawn chunk, where I placed some (no-longer-operational) command blocks when I started my current world. He'd since disappeared from that area, and not being sure he could "figure out" the ladder or the water stream that would lead him out of the chamber, I presumed him dead or de-spawned. Well, there's been a Dinnerbone sighting!:

He'd actually worked his way to my underground base, nearly at the surface, by finding his way into our in-progress slime farm. It was a short walk from the hallway I found him in to the grassy fields above. He's been a busy little wanderer.

I also have a zombie pigman named Mortimer on the loose somewhere. I like to believe I'll see him again one day, and Dinnerbone here has given me hope that I will.

August 24, 2018
I went to the Mariners v. Astros game in Seattle on the 22nd, and the most notable thing about the day was just how much damn smoke was in the air. When we turned the corner on I-5 and the Seattle skyline came into view, I couldn't believe how much haze there was obscuring the Space Needle and the stadiums. Absolutely surreal.

The Mariners lost in a somewhat entertaining shit show of a game. I generally check the highlights for footage of myself in the stands after attending a game, and I appear in this one!:

I am visible clapping my glove with Charity to my right and my degenerate friend Swinkey to my left, for an instant! Pore over this extremely interesting video and observe my glorious sporting event attendance!

August 16, 2018
I've been playing around with data packs, one of the new features introduced in Minecraft 1.13. They basically provide a standardized, straightforward method for modding the vanilla game. The modivating factor here was that I wanted one-player-sleeping and Xisumavoid's More Mob Heads mod back, both of which were broken by the 1.13 update. Well, Xisumavoid was on it, as he quickly released a set of 1.13 compatible Vanilla Tweaks, which had me covered on both of those points. I installed it a few days ago and I've been testing it out.

My report: one-player-sleeping still doesn't seem to work. Bummer. More Mob Heads is fully functional however, which is great. Now I can get back to one of my favorite pastimes: killing ocelots in a never-ending quest for more ocelot heads. (My base is in a jungle). Also, there is a mod that aims to prevent endermen from picking up blocks. I've edited its code a bit and allowed them to pick up two:

August 11, 2018
I've been following Angry Video Game Nerd's YouTube channel for years. Usually, his game reviews devolve into something like, "This game is donkey shit, it's a handkerchief full of bloody pus, it's ground up goat testicles," etc. So you can imagine my horror a few weeks back when I found that he'd reviewed my all-time favorite game, Earthbound.

Emotionally, I was completely unprepared for what came next.

August 8, 2018
I gave the Scorekeeping site an update for the first time all year (!!), and came upon some unpleasant truths:
  • I have played a mere 27 games in 2018, and I'm on pace for only 44 games played this year. I haven't logged less than 50 games in a year since 2009. What's more, 74% of the games I've played have been individual bets made in the WAR League. I've only logged 7 non-fantasy baseball games. TLDR: I ain't playing shit.
  • Matthew Swinkey is leading all players with a vomit-summoning .863 winning percentage on the year. This man must be stopped!
I said managing the diner was turning me into a joyless old troll being, and I suppose these are but further symptoms of that disease. I prescribe myself a dining room table and game nights!

August 4, 2018
Last Sunday was an extra hot one here in Olympia, and we decided to bust out our AC unit. Charity plugged it into the same strip that powers my desktop, and -- surprise! -- it overloaded the thing and powered off everything attached to it. Seeing as how we've been playing Minecraft pretty much non-stop since the 1.13 update was released, the game was open when my computer lost power. I was afraid that my world save might have been corrupted, which wouldn't have been the end of the world (as I have backups) but mildly annoying nonetheless. Instead, we got this:

See that island out in the middle of the ocean? That was never there before. We found torches already placed when we went out and explored it. Not only that -- when we swam down, we found that there were underwater cavities, also with torches placed, which the ocean water would not flow into:

We named this strange place Air Conditioner Island.

Turns out this is a somewhat common Minecraft bug called chunk swapping. This means a part of the map - a chunk - switched locations with another chunk somewhere else on the map. The chunk that appeared in the ocean is from the jungle biome, which means that somewhere in the jungle, there is a single out-of-place chunk of ocean. The search is on!

July 12, 2018
I beat Final Fantasy III yesterday (the 2014 re-make on Steam). It's the first time I've beaten a Final Fantasy game - despite having started I, II, IV, V, and VII - and in celebration I've decided to increase the nerdiness of this homepage. I've added some renders of my Minecraft skin, changed the background to some stars from the ending sequence in FF3, and made space once again for a blog.

A blog! The nerdiest form of literature. I feel I've been taking myself a bit too seriously lately, having become kitchen manager at the old diner and being suddenly responsible for the cleanliness of drawers and the tempers of older men. So I intend to use this space in as un-serious a manner as possible. I'm going to try and have fun with the internet again.

Let's start with some screenshots!

"Dreams, despair, love... Time will consume all." That was during the happy ending!