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Extensive (some would say too extensive) records of all the games I've played with my friends since 2004. If you know me, chances are you have a winning percentage listed here.

WAR League

A fantasy baseball league invented by a few friends and I which is based on the Fangraphs Wins Above Replacement statistic. Beers are bet on the results and paid up at the Eastside Club, pictured above.


Mostly photos of Olympia graffiti, with some long exposures, cats, rats, and gardens sprinkled in here and there. I am perpetually behind on uploading.

LLB: CS Obsession

Tom and I have amassed an extensive amount of knowlege on the topic of this 1990 NES game, and we've deposited it here for the benefit of mankind. Included are the results from a complete 240-game, three-year season in which we played every possible matchup once.

nonsense machine.

It is what it sounds like.


Olympia Brewers

A hosted site for the now-defunct greatest baseball team in Olympia, the Brewers. R.I.P.

Sculptures by nEVEr-mor

Another hosted site. This one features my girlfriend's incredibly cute and tiny sculptures.

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