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Free Wall Progression

Documenting the evolution of the Free Wall in the alley behind the Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia. February 2007-present.

Long Exposures

I've been taking long exposures and camera spins since I got my first digital camera back in 2005. These are my favorite shots.


Extensive (some would say too extensive) records of all the games I've played with my friends since 2004. If you know me, chances are you have a winning percentage listed here.

WAR League

A fantasy baseball league invented by myself and a few friends. It's based on the fWAR statistic. Beers are bet on the results, much bragging occurs, and if you're not in the league you probably won't care.

LLB: CS Obsession

Tom and I have amassed an extensive amount of knowlege on the topic of this 1990 NES game, and we've deposited it here for the benefit of mankind.

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Not only do I keep scores, I also occasionally take video.


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August 11, 2018
I've been following Angry Video Game Nerd's YouTube channel for years. Usually, his game reviews devolve into something like, "This game is donkey shit, it's a handkerchief full of bloody pus, it's ground up goat testicles," etc. So you can imagine my horror a few weeks back when I found that he'd reviewed my all-time favorite game, Earthbound.

Emotionally, I was completely unprepared for what came next.

August 8, 2018
I gave the Scorekeeping site an update for the first time all year (!!), and came upon some unpleasant truths:
  • I have played a mere 27 games in 2018, and I'm on pace for only 44 games played this year. I haven't logged less than 50 games in a year since 2009. What's more, 74% of the games I've played have been individual bets made in the WAR League. I've only logged 7 non-fantasy baseball games. TLDR: I ain't playing shit.
  • Matthew Swinkey is leading all players with a vomit-summoning .863 winning percentage on the year. This man must be stopped!
I said managing the diner was turning me into a joyless old troll being, and I suppose these are but further symptoms of that disease. I prescribe myself a dining room table and game nights!

August 4, 2018
Last Sunday was an extra hot one here in Olympia, and we decided to bust out our AC unit. Charity plugged it into the same strip that powers my desktop, and -- surprise! -- it overloaded the thing and powered off everything attached to it. Seeing as how we've been playing Minecraft pretty much non-stop since the 1.13 update was released, the game was open when my computer lost power. I was afraid that my world save might have been corrupted, which wouldn't have been the end of the world (as I have backups) but mildly annoying nonetheless. Instead, we got this:

See that island out in the middle of the ocean? That was never there before. We found torches already placed when we went out and explored it. Not only that -- when we swam down, we found that there were underwater cavities, also with torches placed, which the ocean water would not flow into:

We named this strange place Air Conditioner Island.

Turns out this is a somewhat common Minecraft bug called chunk swapping. This means a part of the map - a chunk - switched locations with another chunk somewhere else on the map. The chunk that appeared in the ocean is from the jungle biome, which means that somewhere in the jungle, there is a single out-of-place chunk of ocean. The search is on!

July 12, 2018
I beat Final Fantasy III yesterday (the 2014 re-make on Steam). It's the first time I've beaten a Final Fantasy game - despite having started I, II, IV, V, and VII - and in celebration I've decided to increase the nerdiness of this homepage. I've added some renders of my Minecraft skin, changed the background to some stars from the ending sequence in FF3, and made space once again for a blog.

A blog! The nerdiest form of literature. I feel I've been taking myself a bit too seriously lately, having become kitchen manager at the old diner and being suddenly responsible for the cleanliness of drawers and the tempers of older men. So I intend to use this space in as un-serious a manner as possible. I'm going to try and have fun with the internet again.

Let's start with some screenshots!

"Dreams, despair, love... Time will consume all." That was during the happy ending!